Investing in care concepts

    Long at Home Investments invests in residential care concepts which are focused on making elderly feel they can live at home for as long as possible. The starting point is a high quality of life and the possibility to provide top-quality care at nursing homes and/or care at home. Residential care concepts which are qualified for support are mostly combining care with service and living for elderly.

    The three main pillars of residential care for elderly


    Feeling worthy, satisfied and happy

    Attention, fitting facilities and activities


    Fulfilling the need of care

    High quality care & safety and top-qualified care workers and practitioners.


    Feeling at home

    Apartment or studio, communal area and location that fits the residential care concept.

    Most important is securing quality. The exact implementation shall be different with each residential care concept and should fit within the three main pillars.

    Investment practice Long at Home

    Long at Home Investments invests in residential care concepts for elderly. Investors in care providers and investors in real estate (property investors) invest with Long at Home in care or real estate from the care provider. Long at Home invests in residential care concepts with the best price/quality ratio of care and living, which intends a healthy grow and fulfills the residents need of care as best as possible.

    Long at Home Investments has developed a few program concepts, where also various living concepts, residential care concepts and types of services can be combined in one location. The starting point is an attractive and dynamic environment. It is about a good mix of fulfilling the need of the residents and their experience, delivering the best services and care at an acceptable price.

    Our working method shown systematically:



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    Anja van den Borne

    Long at Home Investments is founded by Anja van den Borne. She started her carrier in the healthcare branch. After several years Anja van den Borne decided to study Dutch law at the University of Tilburg, where she got sworn in as a lawyer in 2014 and got specialized in procurement law and contract law. She worked for developers, companies, governments and care institutions. In 2014 she set up the niche law firm named Born Legal. Several lawyers and consultants work here who advise and litigate in complex projects concerning technological progress and innovation.

    From her passion for care, Anja van den Borne started focusing on concepts within private residential care in cooperation with Holland Immo Group. This resulted in a network with several care providers such as Domus Magnus and the setup of the first IMMO Residental care fund in 2018. Because of the increasing desire of private residential care providers to expand the organization in a healthy manner and to focus on high quality care and living environment for the residents, Anja van den Borne has set up Long at Home Investments.

    Manfred Kühl

    Manfred Kühl studied fiscal law and worked at Arthur Andersen over ten years. As tax expert he specialized in the transaction practice for real estate portfolios, business acquisitions and IPO’s. Manfred Kühl acted as a lecturar in the training programme within the NVP (“Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen”) and structured many real estate transactions for institutional investors. In 2001 Manfred Kühl founded Holland Immo Group with his brother and is as CEO and director responsible for real estate investments, divestments and business development.

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